Biodanza and Corona

11. March 2020 1 By Martin Matyus

1.) Biodanza strengthens the immune system
2.) Biodanza helps to reduce fears

On the occasion of the current situation in Austria (indoor events of more than 100 persons officially forbidden) we would like to emphasize the above mentioned facts once again and to state that “Just Biodanza in Vienna” will carry out all events within the scope of possibilities.

Of course we ask people who are ill not to participate and all others to follow the recommended measures (hand washing, disinfection, …).

The coming Vivencias will continue to be instructed in such a way that each participant can take out if necessary and the exercises with direct contact will be reduced.

Even if politicians and media create fear and panic with their choice of words and propaganda, so that some virologists call the measures now taken by the Austrian government excessive, life goes on!

-) Not participating in life = dying, and
-) died of fright is also dead!

As mentioned above, however, this also means that care, attention and caution must be exercised.

We are human beings and need social contact, tenderness and encouragement to live. – Let us not forget this and survive the time of panic mongering in good health!

With an warm embrace


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