Events and cancellation

16. March 2020 0 By Martin Matyus

We think about tomorrow and plan ahead!

Even though public life in Austria and Europe is coming to a standstill, our life goes on and we can hope for a tomorrow and shape our lives, yes, at the moment we are unable to meet and experience Biodanza together, but soon we will be together again physically and our online meetings are just a pale memory that helped us to stay in touch.

Happiness doubles when you share it!” – I read in my youth in family books. In that spirit we want to:

  • give each other courage, compassion and encouragement online and
  • so that we can meet again personally as soon as possible.

Even if we don’t know exactly when our life will be “normal” again and we can participate in Vivencias, we can still consider, plan and above all look forward to it!

On all events of “just Biodanza in Vienna”, there are for the time being ALL cancellation fees suspended, so if you register now, you can cancel it at any time until August 1st, 2020, at no cost and you will be fully refunded the costs or if you agree to a postponement this will be credited.

embrace Martin